Why we travel?


  1. Your travels 
  2. Why travel?
  3. Why travel top 10 
  4. Why should young people travel?
  5. Why don't Americans travel?
  6. Self-imposed Isolation 
  7. Long way Round / Long Way Down review 
  8. A geographer's perspective 

Your travels

I have been lucky enough to travel with my family for as long as I can remember. The place that I have traveled the most is New Orleans, Louisiana. The reason that I have traveled here the most is because my dad is from New Orleans. We have gone back once a year as a family for as long as I can remember. The motivation for our trips back to New Orleans is for my brother, sister, and me to meet our extended family that my Dad grew up with. It is always a very fun time.

Another place that I have traveled is Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. I have traveled to Cabo San Lucas two times for two very different reasons. The motivation for the first trip to Cabo San Lucas was because my cousin was getting married. I was 13 years old and really had no say if I wanted to go or not. The second time that I went to Cabo San Lucas was with a group of family and friends for vacation. The motivation for going this time was to spend a week down there for vacation.

Why travel?

Hubermann really does not get the chance to explain at length to her friends why she wants to travel so badly. Ultimately, she tells them a short answer that is based on her stating that she travels because she thinks that she will be exposed to a new way of doing and seeing things. She thinks that being exposed to a new way of doing and seeing things will be very good for her.

Her experience in India about deciding to ultimately throw the water bottle on the ground was one that I found very interesting. She assumed that India would have trashcans like we have in America, but that is not the case. Her friend from India that she was with told her to just throw the trash on the ground because that is what everybody from India does. She then states that at that moment it hit her, the reasons for traveling was liberation. She also mentions that what she loved most about travel was the ability to see novel things and it gave her a chance to look at familiar things with new eyes.

Why travel top ten

1)     It teaches you about the world. I picked this as one of the most important reasons to travel for me because I think it is very important to venture out in the world and learn about places and people that are not exactly like you are. I find it very important for people to realize that not everybody is the same and that is completely fine.

2)     It teaches you about yourself. I picked this reason as one of my top three because I think it is very important to know who you are as a person if you want to be successful in life. Not only is it important to know who you are to be successful, but it also important because I think this helps you greatly become the person you are supposed to be. Traveling gives you a lot of time to reflect on your life and that is a very good thing to do every so often.

3)     It makes you more tolerant. If you are able to be tolerant in a different country where you do not speak the same language, it is going to be so much easier for you to be tolerant with peers or coworkers who you do not get along with. Having patience and tolerance is very important in this world.

Why should young people travel?

I really do agree with all of the reasons that Peterson thinks that young people should travel. His reasons are:

1)     You’ll get out of your comfort zone

2)     Traveling Builds confidence

3)     You will develop cultural sensitivity

4)     You can adapt globalization

5)     You are immersed in a second or third language

6)     There are infinite opportunities to network

Getting out of your comfort zone is very important for young people to get better at sooner than later. In the real world you are not always going to be in the most comfortable situations and the more you are experienced to them the better. Developing a cultural sensitivity is also a huge bonus that is mentioned. Being aware that there are different cultures around the world and learning about them can be extremely beneficial.

Why don't Americans travel?

What are some reasons why Americans don't travel. 

One of the main reasons that Americans do not travel is because Americans are comfortable in their own environment. Breaking outside of anything you do not do on a normal basis can be scary for Americans. Another reason why Americans do not travel outside of the US as much is because of our rich cultural and geographic diversity that we have. This is a major factor that is believed to be one of the biggest factors of all. We have almost every type of weather in the United States and that leads Americans to taking vacations in the United States. Also, because Americans are often prohibited from taking long vacations from work, logistics of going overseas does not always work out.

The American culture does not emphasize knowledge of the world and that is another factor why we do not travel as much as other countries citizens do. We are often only hearing about negative media reports from other countries and this can be a big psychological burden when it comes to traveling overseas.

Self-imposed Isolation?

I know a few people who really do live in self-imposed isolation and I have really never understood why. Some of my friends are just noticeably uncomfortable if they are not in a very similar situation that they have been in for their entire lives. I always do my best to try and get them to get out of their comfort zone, but so far in life that has not worked.

Long way Round / Long way Down review

I agree with his review in the sense that Ted Simons trip was extremely different than the trip of McGregor and Boorman. Ted Simons was all alone when he traveled on his motorcycle while a film crew was following McGregor and Boorman. I do admire their adventurous spirit because even doing that with a film crew following you is very brave.

A Missing Geographic Perspective

I do agree that they do demonstrate very little geographic knowledge during the series. An example of this that I remember is that they it seemed like they had a much bigger passion for motorcycles and filming themselves. They say in the beginning that they basically are doing this just to film themselves for their families in the future.

Submitted by Kirby LeBlanc on 1/30/19.