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Google Street View is available through Google Maps and Google Earth and provides panoramic views along many streets in the world. It was started in 2007 in the United States and has since expanded to include a large number of countries. Some countries have objected to this form of data gathering and have not allowed Google to take the imagery, Germany being the main hold-out. Available Street View imagery available is shown as blue lines on Google Maps once the so-called pegman has been activated. Images are most often taken by car but a variety of other modes of transport have been used. Once captured, the images are subsequently stitched together. In some areas, Street View images are augmented by privately-done photospheres.



1  Street View screen captures

                     First StreetView of Christ the Redeemer.

                     Second StreetView of Cathedral de Brasilia.

                     Third StreetView of Teatros Amazones.

2  Links to Street View panorama

                     Christ the Redeemer.

                     Cathedral de Brasilia.

                     Teatros Amazones.

3  TripGeo Street View Animations

                     Route from x to y

                     Route from y to z

                     Route from z to x

4  Moore's Where to Invade Next

                     The value of travel



1 Street View Screen Captures

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 As was mentioned earlier, the most famous landmark in all of Brazil is Christ the Redeemer. It is has been my passion for a very long time to see this landmark before I die. This landmark is located in Rio de Janeiro at the top of a mountain overlooking the city and the Port of Rio. At night, the statue glows very bright due to it being lit up from the bottom. The trip to see Christ the Redeemer is almost as great as the view from it.


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The Cathedral of Brasilia is located in Brasilia, Brazil. This beautiful cathedral is located in the center of the city and was created by one of Brazils most famous architects. The inside of the cathedral is lined with glass. This cathedral is a very important place of worship for the Roman Catholic religion. The most famous part of the cathedral is the hanging sculptures of angels.


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The Teatro Amazons is a world famous opera house in the center of the Brazilian rain forest. This famous opera house opened in 1896 and has had many famous opera singers throughout the years. There have been many movies filmed in this opera house over the years.


2 Links to Street View Panoramas

Christ The Redeemer


Cathedral of Brasilia


Teatro Amazons



3 TripGeo Streetview Player


4 Moore's Where to Invade Next

I think that Armon White has an entirely negatively review partly because he does not agree with Moore’s political views. Moore is clearly stating his point of view and his opinions, and that is okay for people to do. If people’s opinions differ, chances are one person is going to talk bad about the other. Throughout the documentary, it is apparent that the United States could learn from other countries and how they approach problems. It was interesting to see that people in other countries do not work as much as Americans and seem to live healthier lifestyles.


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